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Education in Slovenia

  • One of the safest countries in the world
  • Low tuition fees and living costs
  • Worldwide recognition of study diplomas


High quality education

Master the chosen field of study

Worldwide recognized diploma

Obtain a degree that is worldwide recognized. The skills and abilities developed at Slovenian universities will give you a chance of finding your dream job and stand out amongst the others.

No entrance exams

Enrollment on basis of your average grades

Erasmus+ and other exchange programs

Opportunity of studying at a partner university from all around the globe for the period of up to 12 months. Get to meet new friends and build international connections, at the same time exploring a new country and culture.

One of the safest countries in the world

Slovenia is among top 10 safest countries in the world

Adriatic Sea and Slovenian Alps at your doorstep

A location in the center of Europe, allows you to explore the local beauties of Slovenia as well as to travel the countries you haven’t been to before.

Our offer

Selection of study program

Admission to university

Obtainment of Residence Permit

6 Reasons why students choose to work with us

Analysis of student’s documents.

Individual assistance at study program selection.

Getting all the information at one place.

Full enrolment support.

Over 350 successfully enrolled students.

Obtaining a residence permit in Slovenia.

How to start studying in Slovenia?

1. Contact us for consultations and select a suitable package of services.

2. Together, we select the study programmes that suit you best.

3. We make a list of documents required for enrolment.

4. Application to the faculty, submission of documents and enrolment.

5. Application for a residence permit.

6. Start studying!


Yes, it is possible to study in English. Some study programmes are available in English for the Bachelor and Master level of study. All PhD studies can be done in English.

Obtaining the IELTS or TOEFL certificate is not compulsory for Slovenian universities, but many institutions still demand a certificate that proves your knowledge of English.

Only citizens of the countries of the European Union, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Kosovo, Republic of Macedonia and Serbia are exempt of paying tuition fees on Bachelor and Master levels of study. The citizens of other countries and all PhD students need to pay tuition fees according to the university guidelines. They have to pay tuition, which ranges from 2000 EUR to 5000 EUR for Bachelor’s degree per year (2 semesters), 2500 EUR to 7500 EUR for Master’s degree per year (2 semesters) and 3000 EUR to 12000 EUR Doctorate/PhD per year according to the university guidelines.

Slovenian educational institutions have a unified accreditation that is valid in most countries of the world. Studying follows the guidelines of Bologna system. The graduates of Slovenian universities build successful careers both home and abroad.

Yes, in Slovenia all foreign students are allowed to work legally. They can find a part-time job at special student services.

Average living costs reach about 400€ per month, which includes food, accommodation, transportation and other living costs which depend also upon location and life-style. Slovenia also subsidizes to students public transport, meals and gives other discounts.

Mostly there are not entrance exams. There are some exceptions, for example art, music and sports programmes, and also for the field of Architecture studies and Dental Prosthetics.


Free consultation

You can make a world of new friends, receive education of the highest quality as well as discover plenty of new opportunities, just by sending an online request. We will contact you shortly and inform you about the opportunities that Slovenia can offer!


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Find out how to apply

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Find out how to apply

Enter your name and Email. Our manager will contact you soon!

Find out how to apply

Enter your name and Email. Our manager will contact you soon!


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